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Important General Meeting: Monday, January 4th @ 6:30pm.

Happy New Year!

For many, this radio station is a dream.  In the spirit of counting blessings and charting dream paths as we move into 2016, please honor what we have done in the last several months.  Thank you for all of your contributions and the love you have shown this project.  Your time and effort mean so much.  Please, let’s continue pushing this project together into the new year.

Please join us for another Jawn Radio|WJYN 98.5 FM General Meeting.  In the interest of moving forward with some critical matters regarding WJYN’s development, this meeting will be used to make decisions on some things that can no longer wait.  I am encouraging as much involvement in the next meeting as possible.

WJYN volunteers who meet the following criteria will be eligible to vote at this next meeting:

1. submission of completed general volunteer application
2. attendance at at least 2 general meetings
3. at least one response via email to a WJYN matter

This important meeting will take place at:

DATE:  January 4, 2016
TIME:   6:30pm
LOCATION:  UEDC offices @ 2227 North Broad Street, 2nd floor.

All individuals wishing to participate in the meeting must do so in-person.  Because of the seriousness of the meeting’s nature, there will be no tele-conferencing option.

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