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Coming to the airwaves in the spring of 2016….

Stimulating and transformative programming produced in Jawn Radio studios.  Below are some of the programs you can expect to hear over the airwaves this spring from Jawn Radio:

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The Return of Black Galactica
The sci-fi and superhero radio program returns to the airwaves via a weekly broadcast on Jawn Radio | WJYN 98.5 FM. Highlighting and exploring the myriad worlds of Afro-futurism, science fiction, speculative fiction, comic books/graphic novels, and fantasy through discussions and interviews.

This show will showcase conscious hip-hop from independent, underground artists who won’t be heard on mainstream radio unless your listening to Jawn. The show will feature old skool artists-when real rap emerged as a unique musical genre-to new skool and international artists who strive to raise consciousness of cultural and social issues.

Soul Patrol
This show will explore the history of Black American Music from the 1920s through the 1990s: Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rap.

Guests will include artists, producers, journalists, and griots to help connect younger and older listeners with the legacy of Black American Music and its future. It will be primarily educational in focus, with enterntainment used as a “Trojan horse” to draw listeners in.

Interactivity will be a primary feature of this show. Call-ins, Twitter, and Facebook are ways that listeners will be encouraged to engage with the show.

UCM will bring Philadelphia radio listeners cutting edge commentary, guest interviews, information, and music about the sport of boxing, political/cultural resistance, and hot music that resonates with the hearts of The People.

Honey Flow
Honey Flow will bring Philadelphia radio listeners fly music sprinkled with refreshing, uplifting cultural stories about Oshun/Orisha, guest interviews, commentary, Yoruba Lukumi proverbs about the power of Oshun in our lives through beauty, herbal-spiritual health tips, and vivacious living experiences (travel, art, festivals, etc.).